Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.

Spring break.
It's nice to know my school year is almost over. Two weeks of die-hard studying, then my exams and when I have my diploma I can celebrate the fact that school is finally over! Well, it ain't over yet: I'm going to SintLucas in August, but I'm extremely excited to start with that.

What I'll miss the most are my friends, of course, the messing around in the hallways and perhaps some of the teachers. All in all, I'm glad the years went by so fast because I'm so curious what the future brings me. I'll learn a lot more about design, media and technology. 

Hopefully my photography- and editing skills will get a lot better, because my dream is to do photography and blogs for a living. I bet hundreds of bloggers have the same goal as I do, except not everyone is as dedicated to their blog as they should be. Neither am I, yet I'm trying and when I looked back at my older articles I noticed my blog really has grown.

So, about my look. I'm wearing a floral skirt from Vero Moda, you can buy a lookalike here. I'm also wearing a cream jumper and my black lita's.
There's been a huge trend for months now: analog cameras. I have one myself, and I really enjoy taking pictures with it. It's so exciting to wait for the moment they are printed. You can buy a cheap one here.

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